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Attention Millennials and Gen Z! What product would make you excited about baking?
Challenge Type: business
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44 days ago
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Back in the day, baking was a favorite pastime for many. A fun way to celebrate with family, a creative activity with friends, or just something tasty to do for a “me time” evening on your own. From cookies to cakes to pies and more, it was something so many enjoyed!

However, over the years we’ve seen interest dwindle and the baking aisle less and less busy. As a baking company, we want to know how to get YOU excited about baking!

  1. What’s your favorite thing or things to bake?
  2. How do you currently feel about baking?
  3. Propose a new and unique way to get Millennials and Gen Z excited about baking!
    1. Feel free to get creative and think outside the box vs anything that’s on the shelves today. This could be a fun new ingredient, flavor profile, creative boxed mix, a new and interesting packaging idea, etc.
    2. What problem is your idea solving? Ex. “baking takes too much time”, “baking isn’t exciting enough”, health concerns, etc.

Things to note:

  1. Your idea should be shelf stable (NOT frozen or refrigerated)
  2. Please do NOT propose the following:
    1. Alternative flours (almond, coconut, oat, etc)
    2. Alternative sweeteners (stevia, monk fruit, allulose etc)
    3. Pie Fillings

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
Top 10%
will share $1,000
Next 15%
will share $400
Next 25%
will share $200
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$77.00 Square pic 60 picture 1 Lethabo Baloyi Boston Media College
$77.00 J Jessie Jahns
$77.00 R Rita Yip University of Auckland
$77.00 Square pic 60 pixibay Allan Christopher Puri Far Eastern University
$77.00 Square pic 60 heathercurtis Heather Curtis Duke University
$77.00 Square pic 60 img20190108124848 Avijit Majumder Manipal University
$77.00 M Maria Tatika
$77.00 Square pic 60 c38eaa1a 9650 47c4 a823 4205c33099ef 76c44e39 1755 4fcf 9c94 ad4830f04f57 Hanna Fedele University of Alberta
$77.00 K Kayla Hynnek
$77.00 Square pic 60 pexels pixabay 247899 Lewis Kim University of California, Berkeley
$77.00 Square pic 60 img072 2 Francis Daniel Santia Harvard University
$77.00 Square pic 60 45179573 10156984564212122 5461310672191094784 n Jamal Syed Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
$77.00 Square pic 60 272930530 694327988230096 6777171419603009773 n Shanny K McGill University
$20.00 Square pic 60 3 p Peterson Murithi
$20.00 Square pic 60 harsh passport photo Harshajyoti Das Bangalore University
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$20.00 Square pic 60 10 31 14 pro Jennifer Miller Walden University
$20.00 Square pic 60 1614671206238 Jelitta Diva Anna University
$20.00 T Tabitha Norton University of Toronto
$20.00 Picture?width=160 Sara Bernat Humboldt Universitat
$20.00 Square pic 60 photo 2 Sharicia Mason Jacobs University Bremen
$20.00 P Phillip Staninski University of Chicago
$20.00 Square pic 60 square small Karl R Georgia Institute of Technology
$20.00 Square pic 60 p Prathamesh Mayekar Symbiosis International University
$20.00 R Robert Lupa
$20.00 J Jamie Shields
$20.00 Square pic 60 13 Olivia Nguyen University of California at Davis
$20.00 Square pic 60 1649461933526 Maisana Ntjie University of Johannesburg
$20.00 J Jacqueline Duong University of California, Los Angeles
$20.00 G Garima Bazaj
$20.00 Picture?width=160 Shirley Wong University of New South Wales
$20.00 Square pic 60 c677076a 4be5 4784 a227 38fba26b5945 Claire Stienburg Acadia University
$20.00 A Amy Beamer
$6.30 Square pic 60 dog and cat cuddling cropped ERIKA FERNANDES Mumbai
$6.30 L Lori Ianneillo
$6.30 F Faith Bredwood