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How can we personalize a shared work environment?
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22 months ago
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Our company recently opened a new campus for a large portion of our workforce. To help improve the space efficiency of the office, we implemented a system of unassigned or "shared" desks and workspaces. Each floor has a mix of shared desks and sitting areas that can be used by those who are in the office on any given day. Since people are often traveling or working from home, we believe this will help prevent the problem of empty desks and underutilized space that we experienced at our old campus.

A potential con to using shared desks is that it makes it harder for people to personalize their space. For this challenge, we want ideas for how our employees can still personalize their work environment in this new "shared desks" system. 


Propose an idea for how our employees can effectively personalize their work area using this new format of shared desks. Your idea can refer to any part of the work area (ex. desks, chairs, ceiling, walls, etc.) and can