US & Canada: How would you get people to choose turkey instead of chicken?
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7 months ago
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This challenge is for US and Canadian solvers only.

Chicken is expected to surpass pork as the most popular meat worldwide by 2020, and it already accounts for about half of the meat intake in the US.   Even though it's growing in consumption, how do consumers really feel about chicken?  Are they excited about it and choosing it intentionally, or has it become ingrained as the standard white meat option?   We want to understand if "chicken fatigue" is a real phenomenon (i.e. are consumers tired of chicken but choosing it out of habit, limited options, etc.).  Also, we want to hear your ideas for how we could get more people to choose turkey products over chicken.  Ideas could be new turkey product offerings, the way turkey products are described or talked about, the way turkey products are packaged, or something totally new that we haven't thought of!


US and Canadian solvers only - Please answer the following:

  1. You may have heard of or experienced "chicken fatigue" (or the idea that chicken seems to be what you are constantly eating or cooking). We'd love to know the following:  [If you don't believe "chicken fatigue" exists, then skip a and b and let us know why.]
    1.  Your thoughts on why "chicken fatigue" persists (i.e. why consumers would continue buying chicken if they are growing tired or bored of eating it).  
    2. Why consumers are choosing chicken over turkey.  Turkey products are out there, so why do consumers choose chicken products instead?  
    3. Do you have a solution / idea for your answer to part b that would make consumers more likely to choose turkey?  Ideally this would be something that a turkey brand / company could do.
  2. Propose a new idea for a turkey product that would appeal to consumers and potentially combat chicken fatigue (even if you don’t think chicken fatigue exists, we’d still love to know a new turkey product idea you would consider using instead of chicken). 


-Your idea(s) and feedback should be visible at the store level.  That is to say,  visible or apparent to consumers when they are deciding which proteins to buy. 
-For Deliverable 2, you could propose the following:

  • an idea for a chicken product that should be made with turkey instead
  • a totally new idea for a turkey product 

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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