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What non-product attributes drive purchase of food and beverage products?
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33 months ago
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When people make food and beverage choices, elements like product names, packaging, merchandising, store environment, time of day, and emotions impact the final decision as much as the products themselves. For companies like ours, understanding which variables are the top drivers of purchase is crucial to staying competitive. 

We want your help identifying the most persuasive non-product elements of the food and beverage products you see. In your response, focus on providing thorough details and plenty of examples.


Help us understand how you feel about the non-product elements of the foods and beverages you purchase. Specifically, include the following in your answer:

  1. Think about all the elements of a product and its purchase that are NOT the actual product itself. Which elements of the experience do you believe are most impactful to your decision to purchase a product? Why?