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Can you turn business risks into stress-free operations using technology?
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50 months ago
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Without commercial insurance, who would take the risk to build the skyscrapers of tomorrow?

Use turbines to generate power?

Fly jet planes or explore the oceans?

Open a hospital? A school? A restaurant?

Ship goods around the world?

Rebuild after natural disasters?

As the world embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution, risk is everywhere and growing.

Commercial insurance enables innovation and generates growth by mitigating risk. Businesses use commercial insurance to protect against potential losses from unforeseen circumstances, such as theft, liability, property damage, interruption of business, and injured employees.

With emerging technologies, we have opportunities to change our world for the better, and AIG, an insurance industry leader worldwide, is looking to you to submit your best idea for this challenge:

How can innovative technologies advance or improve commercial insurance?
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