How do you optimize your Airbnb listing?
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Hosting Airbnb guests in your home can be an easy way to make extra money. That's especially true in San Francisco, where finding an affordable hotel or hostel can be difficult. But how do new hosts know how to set the perfect price for their home, or what new trends they can capitalize on?

For this challenge, we are providing you with public data from Airbnb that contains all the listings in San Francisco with pricing, reviews, and date availability. Get creative with how you present it!


Click here for the relevant data.

To solve this challenge, build a web application that provides the following functionality:

  1. Visualize the data: Graph some (any 3) interesting metrics, maps, or trends from the dataset.
  2. Price estimation: Given the geo-location (latitude and longitude) of a new property, estimate the weekly average income the homeowner can make with Airbnb.
  3. Bookings optimization: Given the geo-location (latitude and longitude) of a property, what is the ideal price per night that will yield maximum bookings or revenue?

Additionally, these are optional assignments you can complete for a BONUS:

  • • Animate: Add an animation to your visualization.
  • • Investment: If I have $100 million to invest, where in San Francisco should I buy properties so I can maximize my returns with Airbnb? When will I break even?
  • • Popularity: Can you identify the neighborhood that averages the most positive reviews?

***Required - In your submission, include a link to the live deployed website (can use Heroku, Github pages, etc…) and a Github link to your code. 

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity / Aesthetics (think UI / UX)
  • Code Quality & Clarity (code structure, comments, readability, etc.)
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