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QUICK SOLVE: What's your CRAZY idea to bring Amazon's new HQ to Albany, NY?
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48 months ago
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Amazon is searching for a location for its second North American headquarters, and several US cities are in a bidding war to woo the corporate giant; we need your help in figuring out what innovative offerings it would take Albany to win.  Consider the attributes that a large corporate headquarters would value - e.g. quality of life, connectivity to major cities, access to students from top academic institutions, and what will matter to the workforce of the future (community, creativity, connectivity).   It's imperative to think big - it will take a lot for Albany to beat out the tough competition.


Come up with large scale, surprising, newsworthy--even irrational--but useful ideas on what the Albany region should build/create to make the Albany region Amazon’s next home.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Delive