Anticipate financial needs of future urban dwellers
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Currently over 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Allianz, is thoughtfully considering the insurance, investment, and financial service needs of those living in these metropolitan regions and is seeking your help in better serving this demographic.


Imagine yourself as an urban resident in 5 years, then complete all of the numbered deliverables separately.

1. Propose an idea for a unique product, feature, or additional service you would want for your daily life as a metropolitan.
2. How would this product/service make your life easier in the city?
3. How would you market and distribute this product/service?

4. How would you want to cross paths with a insurance and financial services provider in a way that would start a natural business relationship? Does personal advice from a company representative play a role?
5. What would make you stay loyal to the company?

Use storyboard, sketches, mockups, or powerpoint PDFs to bring your ideas to life.

Top ideas will anticipate user needs and convey a realistic urban story or experience

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