Build an application to summarize long news articles
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People don't like to spend time reading long news articles everyday. Your challenge is to build an application that summarizes articles (and maybe provides users context & further info based on the article content).

This is a great opportunity to use any new text processing APIs that you'd like to try!

Submissions no longer accepted after April 3rd at 10:00PM Pacific.


Build an iOS app, Android app, or browser extension that will summarize the contents of an article. The summary (and original article) need to be accessible when the app/extension is opened later.

If you are building a mobile application (iOS, Android, …) provide a simple way for the user to pass the URL into your app for processing (e.g. iOS share of action extension or an Android intent filter).

If you’d prefer not to build a mobile app, feel free to build a Chrome or Firefox extension.

Please include a Github link to your project (Xcode project, Android Studio Project, or browser extension codebase). The Github repository that you share should include a README file that includes everything we need to do, to setup/use your application. (Remember if we can’t run / view your project we can’t grade it. It is worth trying to use your steps to set up your app on another machine or in another part of the file system to ensure you have included actually work and cover all dependancies.) Additionally please include an overview of what your app does and screen shots of the application in action in the README file. (If you choose to build an Android app, please also include an APK in your Github repo. Similarly, please include a .CRX file of your Chrome extension or an .XPI file of your Firefox extension if you choose to create a browser extension.)


- Provide info & context on the author of the article

- Provide info & context on the publication of the article

- Provide relevant links to Wikipedia, IMDB, based on important keywords in the article

- Create your own bonus objective (be sure to include an explanation!)

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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