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How will grocery and meal delivery look in an autonomous world?
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47 months ago
Small pic food delivery robot

Imagine a world where fulfillment centers use robots to locate and retrieve orders, the cars that bring the products to your home drive themselves, and another bot carries your purchase to your doorstep. This world is not that far away. As technology advances, our ability to delegate tasks to machines advances with it. This possibility impacts almost every business and sector.

One area that could be revolutionized through automation is grocery and meal delivery. Currently, whether you receive Prime Now groceries, prepared meals, or semi-prepared meals from Amazon, a meal from Blue Apron, or a large pizza from your local Domino's, a person is driving that food to you and walking it from the vehicle to your doorstep. The potential uses for a more automated delivery process are wide ranging, and we want your help predicting them.


Tell us how a more automated food delivery process would benefit consumers and businesses 5 to 10 years from now. Specifically, answer the following questions: