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What's your design for the entry way to an autonomous car?
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45 months ago
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The autonomous car will totally change the way we think about driving, so it only makes sense that we should consider rethinking every aspect of the personal car, right down to the way occupants get in and out of the vehicle.

The perfect entry way would easily accommodate people in three very different situations. First, imagine a woman in a skirt and heels, shopping bags on her arm and a cup of coffee in one hand, while her other hand holds her dog's leash. Second, imagine a grandmother slowly moving toward the vehicle, pushing her walker. Third, imagine a group of three or more people who need to get into the vehicle. We want an easy, seamless transition for people in any of these scenarios.


We want your design for the entry way occupants will use to get into and out of autonomous cars. Your entry way should work for people in any of the situations described above. In your response, answer the following questions in detail:

  1. What is your design for the entrance to an autonomous car? What should it look like, how should it function, and why? What materia