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What is the ideal interior experience in your autonomous car?
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48 months ago
Small pic honda interior

The self-driving car will soon be a common sight on America's streets and highways. One of the most exciting possibilities for autonomous vehicles is the opportunity to totally rethink the in-car experience for occupants. 

We expect Millennials to be early adopters in the autonomous car revolution, which is where you come in. We want Millennial feedback about the ideal in-car experience, with special attention paid to ways you want current car interior experiences to change or stay the same. The future is almost here, and you're the generation that will shape it!


Help us understand what the ideal Millennial in-car experience looks like for occupants in a self-driving car. Specifically, answer the following questions:

  1. What does the ideal in-car experience look like in an autonomous car? Describe your experience in detail.
  2. What would you want to be able to do in your self-driving car that is currently impossible, impractical, or cost prohibitive in the typical car?