How will Technology Disrupt Healthcare by 2025?
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Patients are at the core of everything that AstraZeneca does. Our innovation-led biopharmaceutical organization pushes the boundaries of science to find new ways to bring greater value to patients, improve patient outcomes, and deliver life changing medicines all over the globe. AstraZeneca therefore strives to understand how patients expect healthcare to be delivered in the future.

We are looking to understand how you see technologies changing and shaping patients expectations of healthcare by 2025.

Some things to consider:

· How will you access the medicines you need in the future?
· Who or what would you first speak to?
· What technology would be part of your daily lifestyle?
· How will you be diagnosed in the next 10 years?
· Will conditions be managed in dramatically different ways?
· What information will you be monitoring?
· How will you take care of their own health?
· Will your treatment be designed just for you?

You have the opportunity to decide what the future may bring!


NOTE: Please do some quick online research to determine whether your proposed technologies are indeed new ideas, and not something readily available at the present moment.

Describe at least two ways you think technology will disrupt healthcare by 2025? For your answers, please include the following:
· Overview - Short description of the technology trend (160 words or less)
· Example - Provide a real-world example (can be from another industry) that highlights how your idea could be disruptive to healthcare
· Pros/Cons - What benefits and downsides would this bring today?
· Your Thoughts - What are the chances that this really happens? What evidence is there that this is already happening? What are the things that need to happen before this becomes a reality?

Scoring Criteria:
Your responses will be scored based on creativity, uniqueness, evidence, and completeness.

Career Opportunities:
There has never been a more exciting time than now around the convergence of science and technology. If you are interested in working at the forefront of digital health and innovation on industry leading challenges, and delivering an impact at a global scale, AstraZeneca’s Global Technology Leadership Development Programme is the perfect career opportunity for you. To find out more, view the attached brochure or visit

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