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Tell us about your first period experience!
Challenge Type: product
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2 months ago

As a teenager the first few years of your period is a mixture of excitement and embarrassment, a delicate balance between embracing newfound maturity and grappling with the awkwardness of a bodily change. Often, depending on how you learned about periods and the level of support you received from those around you, this moment could feel joyous and exciting or uncomfortable and stressful.

The first few years of experiencing your period as a teenager can be a challenging time between learning about how your body changes throughout your cycle, what products to use to help support your body’s natural processes, and other ways to seek symptom relief.

We want to hear more about your experience and what the future of first early period experience will be!

  1. Think back to the time you had your first experience and share what you remember. Did you feel prepared? What were you thinking? How did you feel? Who did you speak to about it? What questions did you have?

  2. What symptoms made early period experience (first 5 years) the most challenging? What situations made the experience harder?

  3. How did your early experience differ from how you feel about your period today (both emotionally and physically)?

  4. How and when did you learn about periods initially and from who (school, parents, doctor, etc.)?

    • What do you remember learning?
    • What is something you had questions about or wish you had learned?
    • Imagine you could travel back in time and talk to your past self. What would you tell her about getting a first period? What tips would you give her? 

  5. What do you think is an unmet need for teens experiencing periods today? What will the future of first periods look like in 5-10 years?

  6. Propose an innovative product solution for teens experiencing the early years of a first period. This can be a product solution or something to support their body’s natural processes related to the menstrual cycle that's not on the market today!

    • This could be a new supplement, medicine, patch, way to administer medication, food item, specific symptom relief product, etc.
    •  We are not looking for sanitary or hygiene related ideas like pads/tampons/cups/panties
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
Top 10%
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Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$100.00 ERIKA FERNANDES Mumbai
$100.00 Marilia Gabriela UNINASSAU
$100.00 Uchegwuoagwu Omereji Rivers State University Of Science And Technology.
$100.00 SOFI FATIMA University School of Automation and Robotics
$100.00 ALMIRA COLLADO Trinity College
$100.00 Rebecca Pandes
$100.00 Reena Reetha Job
$100.00 Mr. Avneet -
$100.00 Shanny K McGill University
$100.00 Mark Rodel Esparagoza De La Salle University
$26.70 DIVYA R UoM
$26.70 Jennifer Miller Walden University
$26.70 Angelina Joao Saint Louis University
$26.70 Anushree Mahato
$26.70 Godwin Uwakwe Texas A & M University - Commerce
$26.70 Karen Miller West Virginia University
$26.70 Hanna Fedele University of Alberta
$26.70 Sumana Mahata UCSD
$26.70 R Petrova
$26.70 Vince Radlicz
$26.70 Julia Youm University of Alberta
$26.70 Jon Nanal University of Florida
$26.70 Shweta Tomar Unversity of Florida
$26.70 Stephanie Robins
$8.40 Vivian Ghotaymi University of British Columbia
$8.40 Bernice Dumeda Kumasi Technical University ,Ghana
$8.40 Dipina Dhungana TU
$8.40 Hamidah Rasid International Islamic University Malaysia
$8.40 serena Chima
$8.40 Rita Yip University of Auckland
$8.40 Shyama P IIT Bombay
$8.40 Osahon Osa
$8.40 Amy Beamer
$8.40 Aboli Diwekar Nagpur university
$8.40 Marina Radovanovic Queen's University