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US Solvers: How might we ease the transitional burden associated with selecting a new doctor?
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26 months ago
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In order to keep healthcare costs affordable for employees, it is common for employers to make changes in their health insurance options. However, a tradeoff is that their employees might have to choose a new doctor(s) and transition to a new care team.  

We are a major health insurance provider and we are currently working on designing a member-centric experience that provides transparency during the selection process and is supportive during the transition period to their new doctor. Therefore, we are eager to hear your ideas/insights for transitioning into a trusted new network of doctors, which experiences should be included, and the vision of future iterations of the network. Below you will find a list of key features and a list of friction points. Please consider both lists as you answer the deliverable questions. 

The key features of this new experience may include: 

  • Virtual transition support both over the phone and digitally
    • For example, a digital assistant inside a mobile care app, voice tools (think Alexa!), and chatbots
  • Transparency into which providers utilize technology tools for virtual care options, such as live chat, video/telehealth visits, and symptom checking
  • Ease in finding a new doctor that is trustworthy
  • Considerations for transferring your existing medical data and health history
  • Your ideas! 

Some of the friction points that you are solving for may include:

  • The time and hassle to select a new doctor(s) for you and your family
  • Finding a good doctor that you trust
  • A long wait time/availability of a convenient appointment
  • Leaving an existing relationship with your doctor and care team
  • Transitioning your medical history and personal data
  • Learning how to engage with your new doctor
  • What else haven’t we considered?

Due to the specifics of this challenge and the focus on employers transitioning to a new health care plan, we want to hear from working professionals in the US who are 25 or older.


First, please complete the survey questions below. Then, read through the following scenario and use it, along with the features and friction point lists above, to answer the deliverable questions below in detail: 

You learn that your employer made changes in their health insurance plans to keep costs affordable and is now offering a new network of doctors. This requires you to choose a new doctor who is within the network, and transition to a new care team. 

Remember, the goal of this challenge is to create a member-centric experience where consumers have greater transparency during the selection process and feel supported as they transition to their new doctor. 

  1. What would make this transition successful for you?
  2. In regards to communicating with the doctor, on-boarding, and making your first appointment, how do you envision these processes looking? Please choose one option and elaborate. 
  3. As healthcare needs and preferences evolve, health insurance options must evolve as well. How do you expect this network to adapt? As you consider what this future experience looks like, we ask you to consider these criteria: 
    1. Guidance during the selection process to create trust and safety
    2. Service elements to help make the experience delightful
    3. A fun way to assist consumers through the selection and on-boarding journey

Bonus: Please feel free to submit an attachment depicting your proposed user journey, a sketch or mock-up of an app, etc.. Anything that will help the team to better visualize your ideas and insights is helpful but not required!

Please Note: The winning solutions will cover each deliverable discussed above. Please read all of the details of this challenge carefully and be sure your responses adequately address each prompt included.

Considerations: Due to the specifics of this challenge and the focus on employers transitioning to a new health care plan, we want to hear from working professionals in the US who are 25 or older.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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