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What unique offering will inspire people to seek better sleep?
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45 months ago
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Sleep. We all know the effect poor sleep has on both our physical and mental performance, but too many people ignore the importance of regularly getting the right quantity and quality of sleep. ‘Sleep’ products that are currently on the market often have little or no impact on peoples' long term behavior, and they are too often a ‘quick fix’ solution for when we have reached a crisis point. Our ‘always on’ lifestyles often hinder our ability to tune in to what our body needs and when.

Our goal is to offer people something that will radically change their attitude and behavior towards sleep, embracing sleep as part of our total well-being program, ensuring we reach our full potential every day. We want to make sleep an active and positive part of all our lives – something we want to do and do well!

Here's what we want to do (with you):