What unique offering will inspire people to seek better sleep?
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25 months ago
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Sleep. We all know the effect poor sleep has on both our physical and mental performance, but too many people ignore the importance of regularly getting the right quantity and quality of sleep. ‘Sleep’ products that are currently on the market often have little or no impact on peoples' long term behavior, and they are too often a ‘quick fix’ solution for when we have reached a crisis point. Our ‘always on’ lifestyles often hinder our ability to tune in to what our body needs and when.

Our goal is to offer people something that will radically change their attitude and behavior towards sleep, embracing sleep as part of our total well-being program, ensuring we reach our full potential every day. We want to make sleep an active and positive part of all our lives – something we want to do and do well!

Here's what we want to do (with you):

We are looking to create a complete 'sleep' support ecosystem of products and services; a total sensorial experience that pulls people away from their phones and makes 'switching off' a desirable option.  

Consider, for example, how can we hero that first and last hour of the day - a new ritual that ensures we don't stay up waiting for social media updates!  A routine of products and services that sets us up for feeling 'fully awake' and then supports our rest and recovery at night (switching off, then minimizing night time waking). 

The sleep offering can include digital and physical products, but must include an aromatic beverage.  Here's where you come in...


Propose your idea for a sleep offering that can positively change our behavior towards sleep.  The sleep offering should provide a new and innovative experience to the user and be supported by an ecosystem of products and services, as a minimum including a beverage product. The sleep offering must meet the following goals:

  • -Makes 'sleep' a covetable activity - help us create FOMO around sleep! 
  • -Develops long-term behavior / rituals that will improve overall sleep habits
  • -Helps people to get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up to realize their full potential

In your proposal, please answer the following questions:

1. What is your idea for a sleep offering that will drive people to actively seek better sleep?

  • -Explain how a consumer would use and incorporate your complete sleep offering into their lives - consider digital and physical products; things you might wear, food/drink, home ware, personal care items, etc.
  • -Describe how your beverage product would combine with the full sleep experience/ecosystem you're creating (ex: other activities or behaviors like meditation, sleep-tracking app, etc.)

2. What about your offering will cause people to change their attitudes and behavior when it comes to sleep?  What makes it work? What makes it something people will want to do over and over again?

3. How should consumers buy your offering? (ex: subscription, in-store retail, digitally, etc.)