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Help us introduce our all-natural Beyond dog and cat foods to Millennials
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70 months ago
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Beyond offers a line of natural pet food and treats made from recognizable ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers and crafted to deliver everything your pet needs and nothing they don’t. Millennial pet owners value brands that they feel are transparent, modern and offer solutions for their pets that they value in their own food choices. We would like to increase Millennial pet owners’ interest in Beyond products and we feel word of mouth is one of the best ways to do that.


Help us build an advocacy program that influences Millennial pet owners to try Beyond pet food.

  1. What are Beyond’s barriers to use for Millennials, specifically with regard to the consumer’s lifestyle or attitude?
  2. Pretend you are a Millennial pet owner who has purchased Beyond and loved it. How would you convince other pet owner friends to try it?
  3. Please state your age. Also, do you own pets? If so, what kinds?
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Reward Tiers
5 Winners
will receive $150 each
5 Honorable Mentions
will receive $50 each
$150.00 J University of Southern California
$150.00 Square pic 60 img 3182  1 University of California at San Diego
$150.00 Square pic 60 winter New Jersey Institute of Technology
$150.00 Square pic 60 11071661 1388231878161335 1245726389706509831 o Babson College
$150.00 Square pic 60 image Trinity University
$50.00 Square pic 60 img 20160214 085237617 Columbus State Community College
$50.00 K Kent State University
$50.00 Square pic 60 capture University of Michigan
$50.00 Square pic 60 11061317 10152866405384387 5754222749241080504 n 2 Saint Louis University
$50.00 S The Ohio State University
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