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Help us develop a new technology in order to separate close-boiling isomers more cost effectively
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8 months ago
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A chemical manufacturer has a byproduct stream from an adiponitrile process that consists of an isomeric mixture of close-boiling, unsaturated, short-chained nitriles (branched and linear), such as 2-pentenenitrile. 

Traditionally, distillation has been used to separate these isomers. This is an expensive process that leads to higher material cost which subsequently limits the number applications in which these molecules can be used. 

An alternative technology is sought to the current distillation process that can separate these close boiling isomers more cost effectively. 

The manufacturer is currently seeking existing or early, unproven ideas for further consideration. Proposers of ideas found to be of interest may be contacted for further paid consultation to discuss. 


Please submit your great idea for an alternative technology to the current distillation process that can separate close boiling isomers more cost effectively. Consider the following when submitting your solution:

  1. Your idea should at least have the potential to be commercial