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What will bank branches look like in 10 years?
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2 months ago
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In today's world, a large number of us are banking outside of the traditional branch. We can bank over the phone, online through our customer portals, or on our mobile apps. Having digital alternatives to in-person banking is both convenient and necessary as we experience COVID-19, however, in the future we will be able to return to in-person banking once again. 

It is our team's mission to design the banking branch of the future. We want to re-imagine and re-design the typical brick and mortar branch to meet the ever evolving needs and expectations of our clients. Not only do we expect branches to look and feel different in the next 10 years, we also expect the services available to grow and adapt. 

We want to understand your vision for bank branches in the next 10 years! How will clients use the branch? What design features will draw clients in? What services or offerings will be available in future branches?

Be sure to think about the big picture! We  not only want to hear about the design, atmosphere, and style of the branch but also the features, services, and experience available to the banking community.