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How would you use dairy to make breakfast at home nourishing & delightful?
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42 months ago
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Billions of people all over the world consume dairy products in one form or another, whether as milk, cheese, butter, or yogurt. We know that dairy is important for its high levels of nutrients, proteins, and good fats. 

We want you to forget what you know about dairy today. Imagine dairy can be room temperature, crunchy, chewy, flaky, portable, foamy, fizzy, fibrous, light and airy, jelly, grainy, meat-liked in texture, or any other format or flavor imaginable. 

Imagine having a nourishing breakfast for you and your family that provides everyone the energy they need for the day, with help to build and maintain muscle strength and optimize physical performance. Your goal is to meet those needs with a dairy-based product that is easy to prepare, packed with vitamins, and easy to store, but still accepted and enjoyed by everyone in the family.


Tell us your idea for the perfect way to leverage dairy for a nutritious and delightful  breakfast at home. Top ideas will be nourishing, meet the needs stated above, and could be shared amongst the family. To complete this challenge, answer the following questions in detail:

  1. Describe your product. Explain the ingredients, how it incorporates dairy, and the flavors, textures, consistency, and color. Is your product incorporated into something else, or is it consumed on its own?
  2. How is your product packaged? How does someone eat or drink it? Where, when, and with who does someone eat or drink it? How is it shared with other family members?
  3. How does your product make breakfast at home easier, better, or more enjoyable? How does it help with energy, physical performance, and muscle maintenance?
  4. Why would consumers choose this product over other breakfast on-the-go offerings?

Additionally, feel free to explain any details or answers to the short answer and survey question below your main submission!

NOTE: Currently, breakfast at home is dominated by breakfast cereal, drinkable yogurt, and bakery foods. Your ideal should expand on these items or improve and innovative beyond them. Your item doesn't have to be 100% dairy, but it must have dairy as a major component.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
You can submit up to 3 times for this challenge.
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