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Female-only Challenge: Which breast pump appeals most to you?
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18 months ago
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We are a breast pump company offering mothers high quality pumps and advanced pump technology.  Today, we want to better understand consumer aesthetic preferences for breast pumps so we can continue to be the top choice for mothers. 

This challenge is designed for females, in particular those who have or currently breastfed and/or breast pumped in the past 24 months.  Please look at the images below as we want you to select the design that is most appealing to you.  As you'll see, the concepts move from sleek and high-tech to a softer, more classic approach.

Option A - High-tech concept 

Option B - Middle-of-the-road concept in between high-tech and cutesy

Option C - Cutesy, approachable concept


Please begin by answering the required survey questions below.

Next, please answer the following short-answer questions in the open submission space: 

  1. Why do you prefer the pump image that you chose?  (Option A, Option B or Option C)
  2. What should we name the breast pump you chose? Why? 
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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Submission questions

Are you a female? 


What is your age? 


Which category best describes you?

Currently using a breast pump (occasionally or frequently)
Have used a breast pump in the past (occasionally or frequently)
Neither of the above

Which brands of breast pump have you used? Select all that apply.


Which brand of breast pump was your was your primary pump?


What influenced your breast pump purchase?

Print advertising
Online advertising or reviews
Online support groups / mom groups
Word of mouth/ friends & family recommendation
Health Care professional (OBGYN/ Pediatrician/ Lactation Consultants)
Insurance Recommendation

Which breast pump option (see top section of challenge) do you prefer?

Option A
Option B
Option C
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