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Create the best new soup for cooking
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63 months ago
Small pic broth

One of the fastest growing culinary trends today is the rise of stocks, broths, and condensed soups. Once thought of as a pantry’s supporting players, chefs and home cooks alike have rediscovered the endless possibilities of using stocks, broths and condensed soups in their recipes. Pre-made, these ingredients make cooking easier and better. At General Mills, we want to figure out the next step for this important group of products.


What innovative idea not in the market today would take store-bought stocks, broths, or condensed soups to the next level? This idea could be anything from a new product to packaging innovation. Your solutions should include the following:

(1) A detailed description of the product, including packaging.

(2) An explanation of who the target consumer is, why they would choose this product over the competition, when they would use it, and how they would use it.

(3) Where the product should be found in the grocery store, and why. We are open to ideas both in and out of the soup aisle.

(4) Optional, but desired: An illustration of how your packaging disti