Can you come up with a pretzel snack that will rejuvenate someone at work?

In 1888, H.K. Anderson started in a Lancaster, Pennsylvania storefront bakery, hand-twisting German pretzels and baking them to a golden perfection. Since then, our company has grown to produce great snacks, like salty pretzel sticks, peanut butter nuggets, double baked butter balls, and honey wheat braids that everyone can love.

We want to create a new snack that fits in our line and will rejuvenate hardworking professionals during their long hours at a desk. Imagine a worker who ate lunch several hours ago and knows he or she will be there for a few more hours. Worn out from the office, they need a minute to rejuvenate. Instead of picking up an unhealthy snack that will induce a food coma or a sugar and caffeine crash, they want a snack that will combat mental fatigue and recharge to finish the rest of the day.

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What's your idea for a craveable pretzel snack that will give working professionals delicious premium snacking during the workday without making them feel guilty? Specifically:

  1. Describe your snack in detail. What is it made of? How big is it? What are the flavors and textures someone will experience when they eat it?

  2. What should your snack be named?

  3. How will your snack and its name appeal to the target demographic of working professionals?

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