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Can you come up with the ultimate car tray for Sonic products?
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53 months ago
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Part of what makes the Sonic Drive-In experience so magical is having a rollerskating carhop wheel up to your car window with a tray of delicious Sonic food and drinks. We think this experience can be improved if diners are given a disposable tray that sits in their car and holds our great food offerings. We are interested in your ideas for the next generation of Sonic trays that will drive-in dining even better.


Give food a home in the center console! Propose a great idea for a Sonic tray that will fit in the car center console area when diners come to Sonic Drive-In. We want your tray to be disposable and made of sustainable materials.

  1. Describe your tray idea. What are the dimensions and features? How does your tray add to the dining experience?
  2. What is your tray made of? Remember that we want it to be disposable and sustainable.
  3. How does your tray fit securely with the center console?