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Guardian offers products and services that help customers 1) protect themselves and their families (life, dental, and disability insurance), 2) plan for their retirement, and 3) save more and build wealth. Our life and disability income insurance products are primarily sold through agents and brokers but we are interested in meeting the consumer where they are, in their time of need.

We love working with our distribution partners, but want to explore the option of reaching potential customers directly. In order to help more customers build a better future, we need to identify the right combination of three variables:

Customer Profile – Demographics like age and gender as well as life stage, health, and lifestyle
Offering - The Guardian life or disability income insurance product or service
Distribution Channel - The venue where the offering is discovered by the customer

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Visit either our site for Disability Income Insurance OR Life Insurance. Then complete the following for your chosen insurance product:

1. Briefly describe your target persona that needs disability or life insurance (age, gender, life stage, health, lifestyle).
2. Briefly describe why this persona needs disability or life insurance.
3. Propose a unique channel or method to present this insurance product to your persona.

o What is the scenario in which we reach your persona?
o Why is this scenario the best time to introduce the product to your persona?
4. (Optional) Storyboards or visuals that help to explain why this persona would purchase the offering in that environment.


- The best submissions will propose a persona with a need for disability or life insurance and a scenario that will help that persona realize that need and purchase the insurance.
- Get creative! A new member at a rock climbing gym might worry about risk of injury, perhaps a trainer there there could offer disability insurance to a group of climbers.
- If you choose a web or mobile app make sure it’s a logical moment and place for someone to buy life or disability insurance. Is the persona really thinking about death or injury at that time?
- Similarly, marketing to everyone on social media is not the answer. Give us guidance on how to target those who are most likely to purchase Guardian products! The average person on Facebook is not thinking about insurance.

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