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Can you envision i-Road as a transportation solution on your campus?
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56 months ago
Small pic toyota i road

The future of urban mobility is the Toyota i-Road, a single-seat, three-wheeled electric car that lets you lean into curves like a champion skier and fit where standard vehicles can only dream of parking. i-Road has a fully sealed cabin, and is a huge asset for drivers in cramped urban areas where space is limited. Since it's less than 35 inches wide, gives off zero C02 emissions, and is incredibly stylish, i-Road is the perfect vehicle for dense urban areas and college campuses where parking is scarce.

For more information, videos, and images of i-Road in action, check this video out!


Help us determine how i-Road may fit on college campuses across America. Specifically:

  1. What are some advantages and disadvantages to having i-Road on your campus?
  2. What payment options would be best for giving students access to i-Road, and why? Buy, lease, short term rental, share, or something else?
  3. Describe the kind of advertising for i-Road that would resonate with students. How would i-Road be communicated to friends and other students?