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Can you make a pulled chicken sandwich that Sonic lovers will crave?
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54 months ago
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Many Sonic customers love our Ultimate Chicken Club sandwich, featuring 100% premium all white meat chicken breast. Now, we want to give them something new to get excited for: a pulled chicken sandwich or wrap, with the perfect sauce to compliment it.


NOTE: Barbecue has been fully explored. Please suggest a different idea.

Tell us what the perfect pulled chicken sandwich or wrap would be for Sonic customers. Specifically:

  1. What should be the signature sauce for this offering? Should anything else come on the sandwich, other than sauce, and if so, what?
  2. Should the pulled chicken come on a bun, sliced bread, a wrap, or something else? What do you think is best, and why?
  3. Should it be served hot or cold?
  4. Should it be a juicy, crispy, or in between sandwich?
  5. What would you name your creation? Previous chicken sandwiches at Sonic include the Ultimate Chicken Club, Classic