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Can you make ice cream a more fun, family experience?
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57 months ago
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For many, ice cream is an experience steeped in family tradition. You may remember the ritual of preparing sundaes at family gatherings, each family member with their own little personalization that makes their ice cream unique.

Topping ice cream is great, but what if you don't want near-full jars of caramel sauce, fudge, or maraschino cherries in your fridge for months on end? What if everything you needed for your favorite homemade ice cream product--sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and more--came in an easy-to-use kit?


NOTE: "Lunchables" type solutions have been explored by the company. We aren't interested in seeing more solutions in that vein.

Help us explore how ice cream products could be assembled at home, all from a single package. Specifically:

  1. What ice cream products, such as sundaes, sandwiches, bars, cones, or something else, should we package as a kit that people can assemble with their families or solo?
  2. How would the consumer