Can your dev tool boost engineering productivity?

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At Addepar, we build software tools for wealth management. We're pushing technology in finance further than ever, leveraging HTML5, Javascript, Ember.js, D3, Node.js, Java, and Scala to help our clients execute complex financial analysis.

Because we are a technology company, a majority of our company is made up of engineers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve communication and collaboration across the engineering team. In an attempt to boost productivity, we're looking at writing a small library of dev tools. Your task is to help us write one of the first - a git post commit hook that converts tabs to spaces.

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Submit an executable program that can be run as a git post commit hook. While most of our engineers use Mac OS X or Linux, a solution for any platform is acceptable.

For more information about githooks, feel free to take a look at the documentation here:

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