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US & Canadian problem solvers: how can this Canadian bank help the environment?
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59 months ago
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Environmental stewardship is increasingly important to consumers. Scotiabank, a leading Canadian bank, is interested in enhancing their environmental program and the support they offer to their customers.

Currently, Scotiabank has an informative website that highlights shared benefits of home energy efficiency and green home improvements, leading to financial savings. Information is contained in short easy-to-read blog posts and a financial calculator to help plan for savings and finance projects to support energy efficiency in the home. There are no products currently advertised on the website, although a few eco-products do exist. The website garners most of its traffic by posting on social media.

In addition to educating Canadians about the shared benefits of home energy efficiency and green home improvements, it wants to ensure that it ties back to their core principle of helping customers become better off. 


Scotiabank is very interested in hearing from Millennials about how they should best proceed to support their customers in environmental stewardship. 

Answer these questions specifically:

  1. How can the Bank help Millennials with home energy efficiency?
  2. What else do you want to see on the website?
  3. What banking products/ideas would be relevant on the website?
  4. How can Scotiabank attract and maintain attention from the Millennial audience to the website?
  5. As a bank, which organizations should they partner with to support the environment?

CRITERIA: Solvers must be located in or residents of Canada or the United States.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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