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How can we capture carbon and make use of emissions?
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16 months ago
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As the world changes and our understanding of fossil fuels grows deeper, we have to stay committed to refocusing on renewable energy sources. But making such a dramatic shift takes time and must be executed carefully. As wind and hydrogen power become more appealing, something must be done with the existing power plants that have burned fossil fuels since the beginning. 

We want to redesign or reimagine the existing power plants to burn cleaner fossil fuels during this time of transition. How can we capture the carbon released and use it in a way that is efficient and cleaner for the environment? 

You will find HERE an example of a power plant layout. When innovating new ways to capture and harvest the carbon emitted, your creative solution must be feasible as the power plants are today. This is not about completely redesigning existing power plants, but rather about making the safest, most efficient use of the emissions that are still released from exhausts today.