Help drivers get more comfortable with autonomous vehicles

Many sources project that self-driving cars will be so widespread by 2040, that you won’t even need a driver’s license. This summer, Google announced that it’s fleet of autonomous vehicles has driven over 300,000 miles under computer control without a single accident.

Despite autonomous cars becoming more widespread, the general population expresses discomfort with the idea of handing over control of their vehicle to a computer. This is bound to be a large obstacle in trying to convince a large portion of automobile drivers to adopt this new technology.

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Propose a 30 second television advertisement that could be used to educate and expose drivers to the positive benefits of autonomous vehicles. Focus on marketing to heads of households (between the ages of 30-45). Submissions must include:
1) Script (Language used in the advertisement)
2) Physical setting (What does the viewer see at each point in the ad?)
3) 1 paragraph explanation (List which benefits you chose to emphasize and why)

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