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Can you use IBM Watson to build the ultimate chatbot?
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41 months ago
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As artificial intelligence grows, the realm of what is possible for communication between a human and a machine grows as well. Machines are inching closer and closer to conversations that could seem indistinguishable from human dialogue. One of the biggest advances in this field is Watson, IBM's computer system designed to answer questions posed to it in natural language

To put it simply, Watson "listens" to what you say or type, understands what you're trying to do, and quickly offers the most relevant solution for your needs. Watson lets people take the effort out of small questions so they can focus on the important, big ones.


We want to see how you use Watson to create a chatbot that can dialogue with a human subject. 

Part 1: Building a Chatbot Application

Start by clearly defining the audience, purpose and desired outcomes of the chatbot. Be sure to clearly state how your chatbot addresses a user challenge or problem. Include other new or different situa