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What's your new idea for toys and/or activities to keep children engaged while parents are working from home?
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23 months ago
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As a leading toy manufacturer, we're always looking for novel and innovative ideas to stay ahead of the market and provide value to our customers. During this strange time, parents are placed with a heavier burden of providing childcare while remaining productive during the day, all while doing their day-to-day jobs. Television is always an option to keep children occupied but science has told us that excessive TV viewing can contribute to poor grades, sleep problems, behavior problems, obesity, and risky behavior. In addition, children's programming does not teach what parents say what they want their children to learn; many shows are filled with stereotypes, violent solutions to problems, and mean behavior. 

How can we help alleviate the stresses created while working from home as a full-time childcare provider through new toys, activities, and programs that currently DO NOT exist in the market? Our goal is to help make parent’s lives easier while providing alternatives to television that will enrich a child's learning and development.


Consider this from a parent’s mindset and think about what you would want for your child during these unprecedented times. 

Please answer the following:

  1. What is your idea for a new toy, activity, or educational program to help children stay engaged and thriving while keeping parents productive? We are open to anything that does not currently exist in the market and does not involve television. 

 a.If you are a parent working from home with children, please provide feedback on what you’re currently doing to keep your child learning and engaged while working full or part-time. **NOTE - we are not interested in hearing about television shows or mobile phone solutions that would involve screen time. 

2. Looking into the future should remote working continue to become more prominent, what challenges do you see parents facing if new solutions ARE NOT developed. 

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