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Make the chocolate ice cream treat of the future
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65 months ago
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Everyone loves chocolate covered ice cream bars. They're a classic treat that have come far since their invention in 1934, but stayed true to their formula: Ice cream covered in tasty chocolate mounted onto a stick for easy handling. Where will Ice cream bars go next?

By applying existing and emerging technologies such as 3D printing and the Internet of Things, what could a chocolate-coated ice cream on a stick product be like in 2025 and how would the experience of eating it change from today?


Answer each item separately in a proposal for the ice cream bar of the future in 2025:

1. What is your ice cream bar of the future?

2. What makes it novel/new/futuristic?

3. Why do you believe this product will be liked by consumers?

4. (optional but encouraged) Drawings, sketc