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Gamify our home cleaning products
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59 months ago
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When we speak to moms, often the first thing they mention they don't like doing is household chores such as cleaning the kitchen, the floors, and dusting, etc. We want to change this and improve people's wellbeing by making them happier in their everyday lives. We want to do this by gamifying our products to make the mundane task of cleaning more fun.

Here are the products we make today:

- Multi-purpose surface cleaners: Used on floors and work surfaces; includes sprays like this one, gels, and liquids like this one.

- Toilet bowl cleaners: Including angled-neck bottles like this one and rim-clinging installations like this one.

- Cleaning tools: Toilet brushes, cloths used for wiping surfaces, mops, etc.

- Cleaning wipes: Disposable wipes used for wiping down surfaces

Images are not from our brands.

How can we gamify these