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How can we get people to change behavior when it comes to climate change?
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5 months ago
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The earth's average surface temperature has risen by about 2.12 since the late 19th century. This change is largely attributable to increased levels of carbon dioxide and other effects of human activities. The damage from this reality can already be felt in things like rising sea levels, more destructive and frequent storms, and devastating wildfires. 

Despite the evidence that global warming will continue to make things worse in the years to come, it can be very hard to motivate people to take action and implement changes to reduce their carbon footprint.


Imagine you are leading a marketing effort to convince young people (18-35 years) to change their behavior to reduce the impact of climate change:

1) What arguments would you use as the central feature of your messaging to try and get people to change? For example, would your campaign be fear-based, hopeful, data-driven, etc.

2) Why do you think your strategy would be effective?

3) Include 1-2 taglines that could be used as the bite-size messag