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How can we improve the clinical trials experience for patients?
Challenge Type: math & sciences
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70 months ago

Whenever a new medicine is developed, clinical trials are part of the process. Patients are central to any clinical trial and every new medicine we work on at GSK. We consider patients our partners, and are always looking to improve the clinical trials experience for them. By their nature, clinical trials require patients to attend visits with their clinical trial care team (anyone who is involved in the care of the patient during the clinical trial: principal investigator, research nurse, staff physician) and often have additional assessments in addition to their normal doctor's appointments. 

At GSK, we want to enhance the patient experience of taking part in a clinical trial. We also want to consider ways in which the clinical trial experience can be more engaging for patients, making them feel part of a larger initiative and helping them get the support they need rather than having an individual experience.


How can we use new and emerging technologies and methodologies to make the clinical trials experience better for patients? Answer the following questions in detail:

  1. How would you improve the patient experience for clinical trials? What aspect of the patient experience does your idea address? 
  2. How would you make patients feel like they are part of a greater initiative, instead of just an individual patient?
  3. What can we say and/or do to enable patients to complete tasks during clinical trials?
  4. What new technology could help patients complete tasks?
  5. What, if anything, might stop you from taking part in the different activities involved in a clinical trial?
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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$111.10 Bobby Newton University of Hull
$111.10 Michelle Ripley University of Massachusetts
$111.10 Ellen Marie Popowitz Grand Valley State University
$111.10 Kate Szan University of Connecticut
$111.10 Annapriya Sahdev Baylor University
$111.10 Christopher Adjei-Frimpong University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa
$111.10 Krista Jones Virginia Commonwealth University
$111.10 Matthew Gaiser Queen's University
$111.10 Samantha Thompson Brock University
$28.60 Artur Beqiri FSHN
$28.60 Antonio Pasos University of East London
$28.60 Deleted
$28.60 Joshua Williams Alcorn State University
$28.60 Isaac Barnett Ofori University of Mines and Technology, Ghana
$28.60 Katie McMullen University of Wisconsin
$28.60 Dat Tran The Catholic University of America
$28.60 Miles White University of South Florida
$28.60 Nandan Kumar IIEST
$28.60 Florendo Betancor University of the Philippines - Manila
$28.60 Spencer Lin Stevens Institute of Technology
$28.60 Bertha Jackson/Brown Penn Foster College
$28.60 Daniel Gurung Delhi University
$28.60 Hari Kishan
$9.10 McCartney K University of California at Berkeley
$9.10 Alex Mills University of Massachusetts
$9.10 Brian Bailey University of Florida
$9.10 ganesh kumar Anna University
$9.10 Abhijit Singh Visvesvaraya Technical University
$9.10 Sumana Mahata UCSD
$9.10 Joshua Y. Ansong UMaT
$9.10 Jessica Somers Middlesex University
$9.10 Melanie Nolan Penn Foster
$9.10 Charles Gilco Penn Foster
$9.10 dj98
$9.10 Daniel Patterson Arizona State University
$9.10 Lorie Spear Penn Foster
$9.10 Faheem Vellore University of Arkansas - Little Rock