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What's your great idea for the future of Cold Infusions? (Two Parts!)
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Cold Infusions are a kind of beverage created by brewing dried fruits or herbs in water for a flavourful beverage. At Tetley, we provide Cold Infusion drinks to give consumers in the UK on-the-go water with a refreshing twist. They’re a healthy option with no artificial flavours, added sugar, or caffeine. 

  • When purchasing Tetley Cold Infusions, you begin with a starter kit that includes a water bottle and flavour bag. 
  • The bottle is made from sustainable, recyclable plastic (not suitable for dishwashing). 
  • Once the flavour bag is placed inside the water, the infusion process takes 10 minutes to fully release flavour.
  • When it’s time for a new flavour, you can select from a variety of options that include 12 individual flavour bags. 
  • Flavour options include: Raspberry & Cranberry; Passionfruit & Mango; Orange & Peach; and Mint, Lemon & Cucumber; Strawberry & Watermelon.
  • This product provides a refreshing taste to quench thirst in a convenient way (or on-the-go).

We want your ideas to improve the existing Cold Infusions product and help develop something entirely new. Start by visiting Tetley’s website to gain a better understanding of their Cold Infusions (link provided right here!), then share your innovative ideas for the future of Cold Infusions! 


This Challenge invites you to co-create in two parts. Part One welcomes you to improve upon the existing Cold Infusions product. Part Two is all about new product ideas.

Part One : Improving the Current Product

  1. How can Tetley improve upon the existing Cold Infusions product? Consider the following list of areas when proposing new changes:
  • the label
  • the bottle design
  • the bottle materials used
  • dishwasher safe or hand wash
  • the flavor bag design
  • the water used to infuse (e.g., spring water, tap water, mountain water, etc.)
  • the overall design of the product
  • any other specific element of the product or the consumer experience

2. Explain how your changes enhance the consumer experience. Think specifically about the purchase process (delivery/in-store), the infusion process, the consumption experience and/or occasion, the clean-up process, etc.

Note: Part One requires only a written submission response.

Part Two: New Product Development

Now we want your ideas for an altogether new product that Tetley can offer. Your new water-based drink product should pertain to one of the following categories:

  • Family-Oriented
    • Make family meals more enjoyable with a water-infused, healthy drink option.
  • Beauty 
    • Personal care-inspired, at home or on-the-go, to feel rejuvenated, moisturized, and beautiful.
  • Health and All-Day Wellness
    • Leverage ingredients such as green tea or similar with a focus on spa-inspired, natural, and balanced wellness.
  • A Better Me
    • Inspired by energy and sport drinks but focused on natural, bold flavours - an ideal drink while preparing for fitness or recovering after exercise.
  • Natural & Mindful Replenishment
    • Using tradition to reconnect with the mind, body, and spirit for natural, raw, and holistic wellness.
  • A Social & Healthy Drink
    • A drink that's fun and inviting to drink in social settings - find inspiration from mock-tails (cocktail flavour combos without the alcohol) to develop a healthy beverage that's fun to share with others.
  • At Work Hydration
    • A welcomed break during the workday to refresh and recharge with a replenishing and flavourful beverage.

  1. Which category from the list above does your new product idea pertain to?
  2.  What is your great idea for an entirely new Cold Infusions product? 
    1. Your new product idea should maintain water-based infusions and carry the Cold Infusions brandname. Otherwise, feel free to get as creative as possible!
  3. Provide a visual representation (a sketch, drawing, presentation, etc.) of your new product idea. 
    1. Your visual should tell the entire story of your product (not just a visual of the label). We want to get the 360 degree view of your product (the bottle, the design, the packaging, shelf-appeal, etc.) so your visual should represent the entire concept.

Note: The inclusion of a visual is a hard requirement for Part Two of this Challenge. Winners will be selected based on their inclusion of a visual.

AVOID for Part One and Part Two: We are not looking for ideas that incorporate alcoholic beverages. We are also not looking for ideas that are only child-specific.

Special note for submissions: When submitting, please be sure to send all of your written responses via the text submission field not in the form of a PDF. (Visuals can still be attached as a PDF.)

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Rating
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