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What's your great idea for the future of Cold Infusions? (Two Parts!)
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23 months ago
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Cold Infusions are a kind of beverage created by brewing dried fruits or herbs in water for a flavourful beverage. At Tetley, we provide Cold Infusion drinks to give consumers in the UK on-the-go water with a refreshing twist. They’re a healthy option with no artificial flavours, added sugar, or caffeine. 

  • When purchasing Tetley Cold Infusions, you begin with a starter kit that includes a water bottle and flavour bag. 
  • The bottle is made from sustainable, recyclable plastic (not suitable for dishwashing). 
  • Once the flavour bag is placed inside the water, the infusion process takes 10 minutes to fully release flavour.
  • When it’s time for a new flavour, you can select from a variety of options that include 12 individual flavour bags. 
  • Flavour options include: Raspberry & Cranberry; Passionfruit & Mango; Orange & Peach; and Mint, Lemon & Cucumber; Strawberry & Watermelon.
  • This product provides a ref