What's your great idea for the future of Cold Infusions? (Two Parts!)
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2 months ago
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Cold Infusions are a kind of beverage created by brewing dried fruits or herbs in water for a flavourful beverage. At Tetley, we provide Cold Infusion drinks to give consumers in the UK on-the-go water with a refreshing twist. They’re a healthy option with no artificial flavours, added sugar, or caffeine. 

  • When purchasing Tetley Cold Infusions, you begin with a starter kit that includes a water bottle and flavour bag. 
  • The bottle is made from sustainable, recyclable plastic (not suitable for dishwashing). 
  • Once the flavour bag is placed inside the water, the infusion process takes 10 minutes to fully release flavour.
  • When it’s time for a new flavour, you can select from a variety of options that include 12 individual flavour bags. 
  • Flavour options include: Raspberry & Cranberry; Passionfruit & Mango; Orange & Peach; and Mint, Lemon & Cucumber; Strawberry & Watermelon.
  • This product provides a refreshing taste to quench thirst in a convenient way (or on-the-go).

We want your ideas to improve the existing Cold Infusions product and help develop something entirely new. Start by visiting Tetley’s website to gain a better understanding of their Cold Infusions (link provided right here!), then share your innovative ideas for the future of Cold Infusions! 


This Challenge invites you to co-create in two parts. Part One welcomes you to improve upon the existing Cold Infusions product. Part Two is all about new product ideas.

Part One : Improving the Current Product

  1. How can Tetley improve upon the existing Cold Infusions product? Consider the following list of areas when proposing new changes:
  • the label
  • the bottle design
  • the bottle materials used
  • dishwasher safe or hand wash
  • the flavor bag design
  • the water used to infuse (e.g., spring water, tap water, mountain water, etc.)
  • the overall design of the product
  • any other specific element of the product or the consumer experience

2. Explain how your changes enhance the consumer experience. Think specifically about the purchase process (delivery/in-store), the infusion process, the consumption experience and/or occasion, the clean-up process, etc.

Note: Part One requires only a written submission response.

Part Two: New Product Development

Now we want your ideas for an altogether new product that Tetley can offer. Your new water-based drink product should pertain to one of the following categories:

  • Family-Oriented
    • Make family meals more enjoyable with a water-infused, healthy drink option.
  • Beauty