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What type of packaging will be best for our new cooking flavor enhancer?
Challenge Type: business
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41 months ago

This challenge is for solvers in the US and Canada only.

We have an exciting new product that will enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes quickly and easily!  Our new product is a premium flavored concentrated stock that can be added to a meal or dish to create rich, slow-simmered flavor without the time commitment of traditional slow-simmering.  While there are a number of options currently available to add flavor to dishes, broth is too subtle and adds too much liquid, and bouillon-type products are overly salty and contain ingredients that don't feel natural.

Our product is designed to make cooking delicious meals easier and faster, so it's important that the packaging is also appealing and convenient for consumers.  That's why we want to hear from YOU about the type of packaging you envision will be best for this product.

As you begin to brainstorm around packaging, here is some additional information you should know about this new cooking flavor enhancer:

  • The packaging we have in mind should hold 8 oz of the concentrated product; consumers would use their desired amount, and then put the rest away to be used later.
  • Consumers will likely use a tsp or tbsp amount to add flavor to a single dish / meal rather than a larger quantity of the concentrate. 
  • The concentrated product could be used in place of the following products: Bouillon, Stock/Broth, Skillet/Simmer Sauces, Cooking Sauces, Spice/Herb Seasoning Packets, Marinades
  • Consumers can use this product to add flavor to their favorite main dishes and sides, as well as use it with various cookware and kitchen gadgets like skillets, pans, Instant Pots, crock pots, and more.
  • The concentrated product has a smooth, paste-like texture.
  • The concentrated product is shelf stable, but it needs to be refrigerated after opening.  It can be stored for extended periods of time (months).

We are interested in the packaging that consumers feel would be best for our new cooking flavor enhancer.  Your packaging idea can be something that exists currently or something totally new - your job is to make the case for why it's the best fit for the concentrated product.  Specifically, answer the following:

  1. What type of packaging will be best for this product?  Explain in detail it's form, including the material that is used, its shape, etc. (Please remember, it should be a multi-use 8oz package.)
    • If your idea is a totally new type of packaging, what inspired your idea?
    • Visuals (even a sketch) are welcome but not required.
  2.  Describe how consumers would use / interact with this packaging in the kitchen.  Specifically explain how the product would be opened, accessed, and stored. 
  3. Think about some of the frustrations or difficulties that consumers might encounter in the kitchen during the process of cooking, especially when opening/using/accessing other types of food packaging.  Does your packaging idea improve or solve any of these frustrations/difficulties?  Please explain what problem your packaging solves and why it would be more appealing to consumers than other packaging options.
  4. Help us describe and name this product!
    1. What do you think is the best way to describe this product to consumers?  Why? 
    2. If you were tasked with naming this product, what would you name it? Why? (Think of how it might appear on a grocery store shelf compared to other products that may be shelved around it.)


  • Please submit ideas for the packaging rather than for the product inside the packaging.
  • Your packaging idea should be focused on the form / format of the packaging rather than the design of the label.  
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
10 Winners
will receive $100 each
12 Honorable Mentions
will receive $50 each
$100.00 Sunny Jain Texas A&M University
$100.00 Annika Muehlbradt University of Colorado
$100.00 Amy Fernandez University of Central Florida
$100.00 Audrey Nguyen University of California, Irvine
$100.00 m .
$100.00 Olivia Wendell Honolulu community college
$100.00 Godsgift Chukwudi Northwestern University
$100.00 Ethan Thompson University of Waterloo
$100.00 Cathy Balanoff Northwestern State University of Louisiana
$100.00 David Spivak Duke University
$50.00 n r
$50.00 Karl R Georgia Institute of Technology
$50.00 John Nash South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
$50.00 Chelsea Watson The College of New Jersey
$50.00 Jhon Smith
$50.00 Taylor Beck University of Cincinnati
$50.00 Juan Bueno Lone Star College
$50.00 Brooke Hodge North Carolina State University
$50.00 Ryder Babik Washington and Lee University
$50.00 Nicole Anderson Rice University
$50.00 Sang Nguyen McGill University
$50.00 Linda Mann university of arizona
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