How should we leverage technology to create the ideal beverage experience?
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5 months ago
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Today's connected consumers (we're talking to you, Millennials and Gen Z!) have grown to expect more from the brands and companies they choose.  These connected consumers have higher expectations for the services they receive, they want to be engaged socially, and they are both health and environmentally conscious.   To meet these expectations and stand out against competitors, beverage companies need new and creative ways to offer the best possible consumption experience.  Today, we want to hear your ideas for technologically-driven experiences and services that a beverage company can deliver to attract and retain today's connected consumer!



We are interested in how a beverage company can deliver a consumption experience that Millennial and Gen Z consumers will love.  Specifically, we want ideas for beverage companies that will leverage today's technology in order to engage consumers, provide a new service, or create a new or more personalized experience. We want ideas that will provide a seamless experience to consumers across a variety of settings and situations where they are buying and consuming beverages, including their own home, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores (grocery store, liquor store, etc.), hotels, music concerts, sports events etc.

Please answer the following:

  1. What is your idea that a beverage company could use to deliver a more desirable consumption experience to consumers?   (Is it a new service? New way of engaging with them? Does it allow for a new experience?)
  2. How would your idea attract a customer in the first place? How would they see it, understand it's value, and know how to interact with it?
  3. How would your idea work once you have the consumer's attention? Please explain the steps a consumer might take, explain how the technology would work, provide concept drawings etc.
  4. What value does your idea provide? Give us the quick pitch for why connected consumers would love it. 
  5. How does your idea unify the beverage consumption experience for consumers across a variety of consumption settings and situations? (Think about how information would be shared and applied across settings.)

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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