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How can our consumer electronics retailer offer the perfect credit card?
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26 months ago
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NOTE: This challenge is for solvers in the United States. Solvers outside the United States will not be eligible for rewards.

Our company, an industry-leading consumer electronics retailer, strives to identify customer needs and create the right solution for them. One area we've identified that needs attention is our store credit card, which allows those with the card to choose rewards points for purchases or flexible financing options plus other benefits  such as free shipping, returns, special offers, and customer service.

Our current program, the details of which can be seen in the PDF attached below, has seen a decrease in signups in recent years. We want your help identifying the innovative benefits that will drive more interest in our card and make it your go-to payment method for consumer electronics as well as purchases outside the retailer when applicable.

Helpful hint: In the past, we've seen lots of benefits that are focused on getting rewards points, discounts, lower APRs, and lower interest rates. While all of that (except the interest rates) are still options you can discuss, we're most interested in se