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What new culinary innovation will make cooking at home easier for you?
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14 months ago
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This challenge is for solvers in the US and Canada only.

While cooking can be a fun and rewarding activity, many of us know firsthand the hassles and frustrations of trying to prepare our own food and meals, especially at the end of a hectic weekday.  Think of some of the challenges you've experienced while trying to cook at home after a day's work, whether it's for yourself or your friends and family.  You may struggle to find the time to prepare a full meal, or perhaps you face the ultimate challenge of trying to cook something tasty and healthy that your whole family will enjoy!  Whatever it may be, we want to hear about a frustration or difficulty that you experience while cooking at home, as well as your idea for a new innovative food ingredient that will solve that issue and make cooking at home easier for you!