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Propose a social media content template for Cornetto
Challenge Type: business
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78 months ago

Cornetto is the iconic, one-of-a-kind original, oh-so creamy ice cream in a crunchy, golden wafer cone. The brand is confident, genuine and playful, but not arrogant, pushy or forced. While the brand has broad appeal, in recent years it has moved its focus to teenagers.

Today's teens are the first generation to have never lived without digital technologies. To successfully market to them requires agile and creative content that can be shared within a moment’s notice. We want a social template to match our product and brand identity, similar to the one belonging to Oreo below:

As you can see, the Oreo template allows the brand to create sharable content that is relevant to current events and strongly resonates with Oreo. We want to create the same type of template for our brand so we can quickly respond to social events with relevant and sharable content as well.


Respond to each numbered deliverable in your proposal for a social media content template for Cornetto that meets the following criteria:

- Resonates with teens

- Drives home our creamy & crunchy message

- Allows agility to react to many different events

- Be optimized for mobile content consumption

1. What is your social media content template for Cornetto?

2. How does it meet the criteria above and fit with Cornetto’s brand as a whole?

3. Provide at least one example of how you would use your template for an event, holiday, or other social media happening.

4. (Optional but strongly encouraged) Create a visual rendering of your template and/or your examples from item 3. It can be a drawing, quick digital illustration, work in photoshop, or anything else!

The best submissions will be provide a flexible template to quickly react to current events, but still hold creative/outside the box qualities that offer us the opportunity to show off our product and key brand pillars.

More about Cornetto & this project:

- If your campaign was to be selected it would be tested on audiences in the UK and also in Thailand.

- Cornetto was created in Italy in the 1950s and has since spread world wide.

- Check out a listing of Cornetto products here.

Things to consider:

- Visualize! It’s not required but even a rudimentary drawing of your template will be a great way to help us understand it!

- Formatting! Your idea can be moving (e.g. 15 second video) or static and can include sound as well but should convey its method without audio.

- Teen target- This campaign will be targeted towards teens so make sure you explain why your idea will resonate with that audience.

- Mobile focused... More than 48% of all screen time is spent on mobile devices. Please keep in mind that your template will mostly be viewed on mobile and in vertical format.

- Stop those thumbs! Online viewing environments mean short attention spans. The first 5 seconds of viewing are the most important to capture the audience's attention and deliver the brand message!

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Reward Tiers
Top 10%
will share $1,000
Next 15%
will share $400
Next 25%
will share $200
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$200.00 Pedro M University of Providence
$200.00 Monal Jain FORE School of Management
$200.00 Saralynn Vargas University of Southern California
$200.00 Blake McCourt University of Pittsburgh
$200.00 Collin McCourt University of Pittsburgh
$57.10 Merrily McCarthy fresnostate
$57.10 Sibi Krishna National Institute of Technology Trichy
$57.10 Jennifer Peacock Auburn University of Montgomery
$57.10 Rachel Clark University of Central Florida
$57.10 Olivia Nguyen University of California at Davis
$57.10 Colby Koklas Chapman University
$57.10 Yujung Son University of Wisconsin
$18.20 Kelsey Pulera University of Wisconsin
$18.20 RAHUL SASIDHARAN College of Engineering, Trivandrum
$18.20 Tiffany Ladeira University of Central Florida
$18.20 Reuben Manning University of KwaZulu-Natal
$18.20 Dr. Janelle Christine Simmons Liberty University
$18.20 Greg de Tournemire Binghamton University, SUNY
$18.20 Kendra Wheeler Memorial University of Newfoundland
$18.20 Christopher Costello Auburn University
$18.20 Bryce Demopoulos Cornell University
$18.20 Yasmin Molune Assumption University
$18.20 Alex Pierce The Ohio State University
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