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Propose a social media content template for Cornetto
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58 months ago
Small pic cornetto

Cornetto is the iconic, one-of-a-kind original, oh-so creamy ice cream in a crunchy, golden wafer cone. The brand is confident, genuine and playful, but not arrogant, pushy or forced. While the brand has broad appeal, in recent years it has moved its focus to teenagers.

Today's teens are the first generation to have never lived without digital technologies. To successfully market to them requires agile and creative content that can be shared within a moment’s notice. We want a social template to match our product and brand identity, similar to the one belonging to Oreo below:

As you can see, the Oreo template allows the brand to create sharable content that is relevant to current events and strongly resonates with Oreo. We want to create the same type of template for our brand so we can quickly respond to social events with relevant and sharable content as well.