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QUICK-SOLVE: What training program experiences help you build new skills?
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41 months ago
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In-person training sounds like a great idea. But sometimes it just ends up being boring, PowerPoint-based lectures. We want you to imagine engaging, in-person training for a new role, training that really helps you to build skills. 

Imagine you just got a promotion to your first job leading people and managing projects. You’re going to a 3-day event to learn the soft skills (how to give feedback, how to prioritize tasks, how to build relationships with customers, etc.) you need to succeed. 300 other new managers will be there, too. So will a number of more experienced leaders from your company you can learn from.

At the end of those 3 days, you have to immediately use your new skills on the job. What activities, experiences, or tools will help you and your peers build your management skills so you can succeed?


Help generate ideas for a 3-day training experience that truly helps employees new to managing people and projects build the skills they need to succe