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At Intel, an internship is not about pushing paper and making coffee. We give interns an incredible experience with real business problems to solve. Today’s millennial generation want an “experience” and want to make an impact during their time working for us. With the competition for great talent we want to give our interns a memorable experience with lots of opportunity to really get ingrained in our culture and learn what our business is all about.

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​Please answer the following:

1) Put together a proposal outlining the various intern activities, and allocate a budget
percentage for each activity across the multiple sites. Keep in mind there are budget limitations
to all projects.

2) How do we ensure the interns at the smaller sites are getting just as good of an experience
as those at the larger sites?


­ Make sure your plan includes ideas for both the large and small sites.
­ Allocate the budget by site and activity.

Please consider the following:

∙ Intel is a large technology company.
∙ We hire 1300­ to 1800 interns every year.
∙ There are 3 main sites and 8 smaller sites.
∙ Intel hires across all majors and education levels (Bachelors – PhD).
∙ The intern population is made up of students across the U.S. as well as international students pursuing their
education in the U.S.
∙ Many of the students relocate for their internship, reside close to the work site, and rely on public
∙ Intel has a strong network of former interns and new college grads that are very active with the intern

Breakdown of interns by site:
∙ Site A: 800 interns.
∙ Site B: 350 interns.
∙ Site C: 300 interns.
∙ Site D: 250 interns.
∙ 300 interns spread across 10 smaller sites.

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