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How can our customer service culture meet customers' changing desires?
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54 months ago
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Public power is a vital part of the nation’s electric utility industry, serving 49 million customers and employing more than 93,000 people.

The industry is complex and highly technical, but new technologies are quickly ushering in change. Historically, utilities focused on providing safe, reliable service and did not need to be very engaged with their customers or provide them with any service except electricity. Now the consumer is able to more easily purchase new energy-related services and technologies such as solar power and panels, generators, plug-in electric vehicles, and home charging stations. New technologies in the consumer marketplace are enabling energy customers to harness their individual desires.

Utilities are being held to the same high standards demanded from other service-based companies they use like Fed-Ex and Amazon and when they don’t get it they will use social media to make their displeasure known.

We want to help public power utilities create a flexible customer service culture that permeates the organization, extending from frontline employees like field crews, line truck drivers, and administrative support,