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Create Costco's next best-selling brand of all-natural foods
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You are on the marketing team of a branded, all-natural (no preservatives or artificial additives) refrigerated foods company. Your team is getting ready to release a new product line at supermarkets and wholesale clubs such as Costco. A majority of shoppers at these stores are 25-54 year old women buying groceries for their household. Your goal is to create a product line that fills a consumer need not currently being met.


1) What would you call the brand for your new product line, and what would it look like? BONUS: Include potential logo/graphics

2) Choose the flavors that make up the product line and explain why you chose them. (Types of products restricted to refrigerated sides, meals, entrees, soups, dips, spreads, appetizers).

3) Explain one or more forms of social media marketing you think would be effective in reaching your target customer.