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Create new, real-world applications of Microsoft Kinect technology
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89 months ago
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The Kinect is one of the most innovative technologies to be released in the past 5 years. If you don't already know, Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console and Windows PCs. It was the "fastest selling consumer electronics device", selling a total of 8 million units in its first 60 days.

Many of the early applications of Kinect used voice and gesture recognition for gaming experiences. However, as Kinect becomes more mature, the market has recognized hundreds of new areas where the hardware's motion sensor technology can be revolutionary. Third parties have already used human gestures and Kinect to control robots, manipulate web browsers, or even play a virtual piano.


Explore new experiences that you can create using the Kinect. Then, submit ONE of the following -

An explanation of your application and the user experience. Visuals are highly encouraged! Write your description in the text field and upload helpful images/drawings. Powerpoint is also a great option.


A design document describing the architecture of your proposed application. Include high-level code samples to explain your architecture (Applications can be built in C++/CLI, C#, or Visual Basic .NET). For additional info, take a look at the