Deliver aerosols without using high levels of heat
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16 months ago

For our challenge, we are interested in sourcing ideas for a new way to create an aerosol delivery device which produces sub-micron size particles without the use of heat, or with lower levels of heat.

Some aerosol delivery devices, such as nebulizers use pressurized gas or electromechanical modules to produce an aerosol from a liquid. These devices, however, typically produce particles that are greater than 1 micron in diameter. Other devices, such as electronic cigarettes, rapidly heat a liquid to produce a vapor. This vapor quickly condenses to form a visible aerosol consisting of sub-micron size particles.

For this challenge we are looking for a device to produce sub-micron size aerosol particles without having to use substantial amounts of heat to vaporize the liquid ingredient. The ideal device solution would also produce a visible aerosol to provide feedback to the user that the device is working.


/!\**NOTE** By submitting a solution to this challenge, you certify that you are 21 years or older. Solutions submitted by those under 21 years of age will not be considered. **NOTE**/!\

Please submit the following:

1) State your current age.

2) Propose a new solution for an aerosol delivery device that does not rely on heat to turn the liquid ingredient into an aerosol.

3) Explain how your solution works, and specifically the process you use to turn the liquid ingredient into an aerosol.

4) If applicable, attach a sketch or design showing the process your device would use to go from liquid to aerosol.

Important criteria
1) The device must be able to produce a visible aerosol with sub-micron particles.

2) The device will be used for inhalable applications.

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